The Beauty of Taxes

Today is the last day of tax season 2011. I can almost hear the collective sigh across the lands. Although I had a little bit of taxes due, I am most certainly getting some serious cashola in return this year! Oh, joy!!

I have officially placed my dream Nikon D3100 in my Amazon wishlist! Now I am just awaiting my tax return [plus some additional funding I will have to begin putting aside for this purchase]! I CANNOT WAIT! Hopefully I will have my very own Nikon D3100 before the end of the summer. That means 3 SUPER fantastic cameras before my “big-girl move”. haha. I’m such a nerd sometimes.

Also, I was saving to buy this blazer from JCREW:

                 Click the photo to go to the JCREW site.

BUT it is sold out. Too popular, I guess. How sad! Oh, well… I suppose I will be forced to wait for it’s return!

ANNNND now work is over for the day, time to go to the gym [free through my work] before heading home! Have a lovely Monday evening, everyone!

One response to “The Beauty of Taxes

  1. i have a nikon d40. it’s simple, but i love it. wish i knew how to use it…

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