Graduation & Our First Road Trip

In an attempt to not go into a pages long description of JD’s graduation from his Master’s program and our mini vacay to Nashville I will just sum up the trip in a word: splendiferous.

It was nice to get to spend 5 days together IN A ROW. It’s so sad, but that’s the longest we’ve gotten to be in the same room ever. Oh, the joy of long distance relationships! He’s up North again and only 4 hours from where I’m at right now. He’s coming down to visit me a week from tomorrow! That’s only 2 weeks apart… it’s a miracle!!

Also, my dad comes home from Afghanistan on the 27th of May. He’s been there for a year!!! Mom and I are so excited to see him and hug him again! And JD is nervous to meet him, naturally.

JD & I are unsure as to our move in August, but we’ve decided if he doesn’t hear back from anyone by the end of June, we’ll begin planning our move to the Tampa, FL area. That’s our plan. At least for now [give it a week or two, we’ll have an entirely new plan by then, I’m sure]!

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