The Christmas Tree Mystery

I am super sick with no sign of it easing up anytime soon. I even took some Advil PM last night to help me stay asleep [since my sore throat has been keeping me up], but to no avail… I still woke up multiple times throughout the night. If I had more leave I probably would plan on taking a half day or something to sleep and recouperate, but I’ve got to save my day and a half of leave for some QT when dad comes home!

Someone at work [who remains a mystery] put a Christmas Tree & Christmas decorations all over my desk. I came into work today and was CRACKING UP! They also stole the ball inside my computer mouse… I finally found the ball inside of my Jolly Rancher bowl. Ridiculous! haha. I’ve been wanting to prank someone for soooo long!! It’s almost like they knew I was sick and thought it would make me laugh! Please note the two snowmen and the heart-shaped “Jesus is the reason for the season!!” decorations. I am grateful for work friends making me laugh when I’m sick outta my mind!

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