Welcome back, June!

It is now officially June 1st, summertime in the good ole’ Midwest.

The changing season is causing me to wonder about the future… Where will I be come August? When will we start planning the move? Will JD find a suitable job? Will I? Am I going to be ready to leave my sleepy little Midwest town? Am I going to be ready to leave my parents and the safety of family close by? Will we be moving to a warmer state or a colder state? What all will I take with me? How do I even begin to pack up the last 11 years I’ve spent in this town and move out? Will I be happy? Will my hair color change again by then?

Some of these questions are silly, but all of them are things I think about on a daily basis. I try not to let it stress me out, but I can’t help but wonder where I’m going in my life. I know the only answer is to pray about it and hope for the best. So that’s what I’ll be doing while I sit here in my cube for the next 8 weeks… praying and praying that it will all come together & that I’ll be ready for it when everything changes.

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