JD met my poppa!

Hello, my lovelies! How was everyone’s weekend? Hopefully full of love and laughter and family, like mine! My weekend was really one of those life-affirming types that make you realize why you work a job you dislike during the week… just so you can pay the bills & enjoy the weekends off work with the ones you love!

JD met my poppa this weekend, and all was superb! They really hit it off… and my brother even came down on Saturday and Sunday. We all went out on the boat and just spent a lot of time together eating and talking. My favorite past-time!

My naughty little pup-phew Snoopy! And yes, I just made up a word… puppy + nephew = pup-phew!

My dog Cow is such a lovah! [Yeah, if you didn’t know we lived in the country beforehand… you’re definitely sure of it now. We named our dog after a farm animal. Ridic.]

Went to Btown & got some tasty drinks… it was 100 degrees outside and HUMID!

Bella & her minions. heehee. JD bought my kittehs some fun toys this weekend… needless to say, they have a newfound love of JD.

My grandma’s pink pearls! I love them… and they matched my fun new skirt perfectly!

Not only did I give the below photo the most awesomest title of huggles… it is also the first photo I have gotten of my poppa & me since his return! He’s so handsome!

Notice my subtle tribute to the Green Lantern Corps…

We are such little weirdos. JD loves this photo… I believe that deep down I spent all that money on my sweet new Nikon just so we could take better quality nerdy photos.

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