DIY: Toy Camera Strap

I found this tutorial on Pocketful of Pretty and decided that it was JUST what the doctor ordered for my Diana F+! =)

Step 1: Grab a happy helper [or an unhappy one, if need be] and braid three pieces of leather cord to the same length. I measured what length I wanted by where I wanted it to hang on my neck!

Step 2: Pull the ends of your braid through the clasp and tie copper wire [mine is silver plated because I didn’t like the gold coloring] around the cord tightly to hold in place. Be careful of sharp edges poking out. And cut off the excess cord hanging out from under the wire.

Step 3: Click strap into place on your Toy Camera!!! And voila!

Isn’t it gooooorgeous?! I love it! Can’t wait to go on hikes this summer… the strap makes it so much more convenient to carry around. And it’s cute.  That helps!

3 responses to “DIY: Toy Camera Strap

  1. love it 🙂 Super cute!

  2. I love that you ended up getting that cardi!

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