What’s in the bag?

Purse Edition. =)

I am the owner of a GINORMOUS purse from Ruche and I’m going to share the large amount of things you will find in my bag on the daily…

1. My glorious AJ Morgan sunglasses  2. Angle of Repose [book #82 on the ML Top 100 List]  3. Motorola FlipSide cell phone  4. Owl wallet from Lavishy  5. Pens, pens, pens  6. Listerine Strips & Victoria’s Secret Mints  7. Mini coin purse that I hold my mirror in  8. Breast Cancer Awareness bands  9.  Kleenex tissue pack  10. Mini hairbrush  11. Forever21 Bubblegum lip gloss  12. Covergirl lipstick in Temptress  13. Vitamin C  14. My anxiety prescription  15. Body by Victoria The Hand Cream  16. My White iPod Touch  17. Mini Gama-Go notebook  18. 18-month calendar for blog posts

What’s in your bag?? Leave me a link in the comments!! =]

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