Project 366

[Photo 20]

[Photo 21]

[Photo 22]

Photo 20: I had an incredible, incredible lunch with Emily from The Journey. She put it perfectly… it was really rare and wonderful to click with someone so instantly. We haven’t seen each other in person in YEARS… and we live in the same town!? Ridiculous. haha. She’s such an inspirational, happy presence in my life!

Photo 21: Grocery shopping with Mitchel!! We had a blast saving moolah and stocking up for the week. Boy, do I love that man of mine. How do we have so much fun just hanging out and grocery shopping?

Photo 22: Organized my closet by color, per Ruche‘s suggestion… and I love it!! Everything seems so in place and nice. This will inspire me to wear more than just jeans and a t-shirt this spring. If spring ever gets here. =P

One response to “Project 366

  1. awww, I made the blog (and I SOOO have my mother’s nose).

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