Awkward & Awesome Thursday

This pup is an example of AWESOME!

-Having to explain to Mitchel why I couldn’t use the bathroom Monday morning [Bellatrix was sitting on the toilet] and having him give me the ‘What in the world?‘ look. Yup, I was putting my cat’s sitting needs above my own restroom needs.
-Franklin and his peeing everywhere. The upstairs neighbor dropped pistachio shells off the balcony and straight into Franklin’s pee spot. Now the poor boy doesn’t know where to go outside. Damn you, rude neighbor… you have no idea the pains you’ve caused! Next time, dear neighbor, please attempt to throw your shells into your trash bags, not my back porch.

-My job. I know I’m fully tasked and most days my to do list runs on and on, but I really enjoy the work. And I’m good at it. =) I like being able to say “Oh, I’ve already finished it.” to my bosses & coworkers!
-My espresso machine. Some days I doubt I would get out of bed without the thought of hot espresso awaiting me. Note to self, teach Mitch how to REALLY use the espresso machine so he can bring me coffee in bed. Y’know, if he wants to…
-In less than a week I will have an ad up on LoveElycia!! =] I absolutely cannot wait for my very first sponsorship! Hopefully I get some more lovely readers like yourselves!
-My work friends. We have a Finer Things Club for lunch and I have never laughed so much! They are all such a blast! Our lunches help me survive the stressful days with a positive attitude.

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