Five Facts

1. I am a Christian. I spent a long time apologizing for my beliefs, but that’s just not who I am anymore. I’m proud of my religion and I truly believe that God is love… and the best way for me to imitate Him is to love people. =) So that’s what I do.

2. My favorite candy in the whole wide world is Sprees. Well, maybe not the whole world… but I do like them an awful lot!!

3. Birthdays are a big deal to me. My dad missed so many of my birthdays when I was a young sapling because he was always deployed or training [he was in the Army]. It became a bit of a sore spot for me and I notice that even as an adult, it still affects me when I think that the people I love can’t be there for my birthday.

Freedom Isn't Free with Monroe County Civic Theater

4. I am now a proud member of the Monroe County Civic Theater Board!! That’s right… I got voted onto the board of a theater in town. I love it!! Can’t wait to build up the theater that has done everything for me here… given me every chance in my acting! =)

5. Math is not my strong suit. Need I say more? I’ve got a more creative, artsy mindset. As an actor, I deal more in emotions than logic. That seems silly to type out, but it’s true.

4 responses to “Five Facts

  1. First the answer to number 5 is 5. Second, I am so glad you are the MCCT Board – we are going to do some moving and shaking. I am glad you are a Christian. Sprees are good but I like sweettarts better but I like chocolate- the darker the better, the most. I will try to remember that about your birthday – didn’t you just have one?

  2. Ha, I love your five things. Another way we’re way too similar? my favorite candy is CHEWY sprees. Seriously. I can’t get enough of them 🙂 They make me happy on cloudy days, and all that cheese.

    Also, I’m sure Sheila is right, but ask me how to get to that answer and…nope, my brain SHUTS DOWN. Math is scary (okay not scary, but there is a reason I have a degree in English…).

    I can’t wait to get re-involved with MCCT. I miss the stage SO SO SO much.

    Yay for #1 🙂

    And birthdays are a big deal to me, too. I don’t know why. My mom made them a big deal because i think they weren’t a big deal when she was growin up. The fact that my little brother and I have the same birthday may also have something to do with that 🙂

    • and I don’t know why this decided to pick some random wordpress login I don’t even remember having to post my comment!

      • Okay, this thing keeps eating my comments!

        Here we go again!

        1. Yay! come hang out with me at church sometime. I promise it’s not as big as it seems.

        2. SERIOUSLY? my favorite candy is CHEWY sprees. Spooky…

        3. Birthdays are a big deal to me, as well. My mom made them a big deal – and I love it! It also helps that my little brother and I have the same birthday – double the fun!

        4. YAY! I can’t wait to get more involved again. I miss theatre SO SO SO much.

        5. I’m sure Sheila is right…but don’t ask me how she got to that answer. Math=Boo. 🙂

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