Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Walking up to Mitch attempting to have a romantic moment and stepping in dog pee right next to his chair. UGH. Can we say mood killer?
-Lugging a ginormous microwave box up the stairs to my office and dropping it right at the front door. Hellooooo, coworkers… I swear I am normally not an uncoordinated klutz!
-Crying at work. Yes, I can be an emotional wreck. No, please don’t ask me if I’m okay… I will just. cry. more.

-Writing an obituary for our work microwave! =) I was crackin’ myself up!!
-Espresso. It makes everything better. Like a bandaid for adult issues.
-My friend Kym who is always strong and although she’s had more than her fair share of rough times… she perseveres and fights her way through it. She’s a pretty amazing and awesome lady.
-My friends in the Finer Things Club. They’re so supportive and lift my spirits when I’m feeling down. I’m pretty lucky to get to work with such incredible people!

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