DIY: Argyle Valentine’s Wreath

I made a beautiful Argyle Valentine’s Day Wreath based off of a pin I found on Pinterest!! šŸ™‚ It was much simpler than I thought it was going to be when I began! =P Let’s get started.

Supplies needed:
-2 Sheets of Felt [I chose a like pink and a ruby red color]
-A ball of yarn [I chose two different colors to add a little depth]
-A 9″ foam wreath.
-hot glue gun
-Something heart shaped [or you could just freehand it]

Step 1: Wrap your base color of yarn all around the wreath and secure the end with hot glue.







Step 2: Trace and cut out the heart shapes in your pieces of felt. I used a cookie cutter. =]

Step 3: Take your handy dandy glue gun and glue down the hearts.

Step 4: Now we make it Argyle!! Hot glue an end of the yard in the back and secure, then wrap it around the hearts at an angle. I did top right to bottom left first; cut off from the yarn ball and secure the end in the back with hot glue. Now do the same at the opposite angle and secure with hot glue! And you’re done!!

Hang it up and ENJOY! I braided some yarn to form a loop to hand it on my door with. I really love it. Very craft, easy, and a blast to make. ā¤

7 responses to “DIY: Argyle Valentine’s Wreath

  1. Beautiful!!!! šŸ™‚

  2. okay, i think i just need to go buy a hot glue gun…

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