Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Bruising myself up something bad when I helped Mitchel move his momma this past weekend. BUT, we survived and she is now in her own apt in Bloomington! =]
-Franklin’s sleeping habits. He seriously needs to learn how to be a polite bedfellow. Right now he’s kind of a jerk.
-Being so close to finishing up my roll of film in the Holga camera, but not finding things to photograph! Ugh. 4 photos left til I can develop the film!

-Productive days at work! I love when I can feel especially on top of my tasks and completing them left and right!
-Free work lunch during training at work. I don’t even have to go through the training, but I still get a free lunch. AHHH-MAZING!
-Starbucks gift cards and the rewards I get from using them. Free drinks? Yes, please!!
-Planning things to possibly open up my own online shop in the next few months. It’s fun to start meeting your personal goals!

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