Featured Blogger: Nerdbiskit

Boy, do I have a treat for you kiddos today! The lovely, lovely Lisa from Nerdbiskit is visiting today with a pretty SPECTACULAR guest post annnnnnnnnnnnd

::Drumroll, please::

Nerdbiskit is hosting Nobody Puts Sarah in the Corner’s very first Giveaway!!! Get excited, ya’ll! That means free stuff for ya!!



Hi everyone! My name’s Lisa, and I’m the crafty lady behind nerdbiskit ­– plush & print treats for geeks! All of my merch is best enjoyed with a sense of humour. It’s my favourite thing in the world to make people smile and laugh, as cheesy as that may sound. So instead of wandering around making lame jokes all the time, I put that humour into my crafts and spend my time sewing mustaches, fun characters or writing/drawing funny memes or popular phrases on buttons. It seems to be working out for the most part, so I’m just going to continue with it and hopefully one day take over the world with my crafts.

What inspires you when crafting?
I am lucky to be surrounded with a lot of very artistic and crafty pals at my 9 to 5 design job and also outside of work. Doing a lot of shows forces me to meet new people, see new things, and develop new ideas. Fellow crafters and fans at shows are always willing to share their ideas with me, whether it be memes for my next button design or new ways to rock a mustache.

What made you take the extra step and start your own Etsy shop?
I started my own Etsy shop right after college. I was working as a visual merchandiser and crafting for fun in my spare time, so listing the items I made on Etsy was my first step. I wouldn’t say it’s my main source of sales, but I love having it! I’m mostly into doing craft shows and expos/conventions around the Toronto area. In fact, I have 15 coming up this year! People always ask at shows if I have my stuff for sale on Etsy, so it’s great to be able to tell them YES! (Although, not everything is listed so if you can come to a show some time, you might find some special one of a kind treats!)

What is your favorite item in your shop?
My favourite items are my wearable mustaches! If I could rock one at my day job I definitely would. Sometimes I wear one at home when I’m alone working away in my craft room.

What do you do in your free time?
I sure don’t have a lot of that these days, as I work a full time design job during the week, craft in the evenings, and my weekends are filled with shows. I definitely do my best to squeeze in time for tea dates, dress shopping, yoga, unwinding with some vintage red, and watching movies.

You knew I would ask… FURBABIES!
How many, photos, and what are their names?

And of course another past time is petting kitties! I have two – Rico is my boy, I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old and picked him out the day after moving into my very first apartment! He is a little trouble maker, likes to wrestle, and is a bit of a health nut – his favourite foods include shrimp, pumpkin, butternut squash, edamame, and kale chips. He’s also really into yoga. Here’s a picture of him trying to join me – not sure what pose this is exactly:

And then there is Greta, my furry princess – I adopted her from the Humane Society when she was 1 and a half years old. She’s a calico, and though slightly chubby, knows that she’s a beauty. Her favourite hobbies include napping in my felt bin, getting pets, enjoying catnip, and snacks.
Greta and Rico don’t really get along and have clashing personalities, so I never get to see them snuggle together! They always stay at least a couple of feet apart. On occasion they will touch noses, which makes me a pretty excited and happy cat-momma.Describe your perfect day [Corny… I know].
My perfect day… is usually one filled with productivity! Ideally it would include all of the following: yoga, vintage shopping, chats & tea with a gf, lots of sewing, updating all my social networks, a nap, a trip to buy craft supplies, going out for a nice dinner, enjoying some wine and a movie, having an excuse to dress up like a retro princess, going to a pub with some pals and/or dancing (depending on my mood), then having the best sleep of my life in my own bed with the kitties at my side! Not necessarily in that order 🙂

xoxoxo, Lisa
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Nooooooooow, for the GIVEAWAY!!!

The winner will receive a Nerbiskit hot pink mustache of their own!! …If I can part with it in the first place. It’s soooo cute!

To win:
-Visit the Nerdbiskit Etsy and leave me a comment on this post telling me what your favorite item in the shop is!

For extra entries [leave a separate comment on this post for each entry]:
-Like Nerdbiskit on Facebook.
-Follow Nerdbiskit on Twitter.
-Tweet the following about the giveaway: “Nerdbiskit mustache giveaway on NobodyputsSarahintheCorner!!! Check it out: http://wp.me/p1pJhn-BJ
-Follow Nerdbiskit’s Blog.
-Like Nobodyputssarahinthecorner on Facebook.
-Follow this blog!

The winner will be selected at random on the 24th of February [Friday] at midnight Eastern Standard time! Please make sure to leave a contact email in your comments so I can contact you if you win!! Good luck!!

34 responses to “Featured Blogger: Nerdbiskit

  1. I love lots of things in your shop but I’ve particularly got my eye on the potty mouth robot mirror for a friends birthday.

  2. well, that’s why I was confused 🙂

    I loved the YAY Underpants pillow. It made me laugh. A LOT. 🙂

  3. I follow nerdbiskit on facebook 🙂

  4. …and twitter…

  5. and the blog….

  6. ….and YOU on facebook…

  7. and your blog… 🙂

    Whew, I think that’s all the entries I can get now 😉 HAHHAHAHA

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  9. I adore that purple octopus scarf!

  10. Followed Nerdbiskit on twitter! 🙂

  11. Followed Nerdbiskit’s blog!

  12. My favorite item is the stache-a-pus tee shirt. Adorable!

  13. I liked Nobody Puts Sarah In The Corner on facebook.

  14. I liked Nerdbiskit on facebook.

  15. I followed Nerdbiskit on twitter.

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  18. This is an exciting blog; I love reading this daily.

  19. I love your shop!! And your fantastic little creativities!!
    My favourite is definitely the moustaches, they’re hilarious!
    E-mail: tiffanylily93@gmail.com

  20. Liked Nerdbiskit on Facebook!
    Email: tiffanylily93@gmail.com

  21. Followed Nerdbiskit on Twitter! 🙂
    Email: tiffanylily93@gmail.com

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  23. Followed this blog! 🙂
    Email: tiffanylily93@gmail.com

  24. Good luck everyone! 🙂


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  28. That’s super-funny and adorrrrable 😀
    the weird-posing cat ,too…sometimes my cats’re just like humans in strange poses and sitting like a baby 😀

    I love the Cat Hair Completes the Outfit – 2.25″ Bottle Opener/Keycha
    absolutely true in my life ;D

  29. liked nerdbiskit on FB as Szabina Luzics

  30. twitter follower as Szappanbubi

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