DIY: Heart Sweatshirt

I’m going to show you guys how I made my gloooooorious Heart Sweatshirt [originally from Amy over at A is for Ampersand]!

-2 Sweatshirts [I bought cheap-o 3 dollah ones at Wal-mart]
-Sewing Machine [makes it easier, but you can always hand sew with a needle]

Step 1: Draw a heart shape onto the sweater you’d like to be the inside of the finished product. I followed Amy’s idea and wanted my heart inside out to add texture to the finished product, so I drew my heart on the outside of the sweater. In Sharpie. Because I’m a rebel.

Step 2: Cut out the sketched heart.

Step 3: Flip your second sweatshirt inside out and place heart in the middle, fuzzy side down on the FRONT of the sweater. And pin!

Step 4: Move kitty off of your project! She could hurt herself  if she gets any closer to those pins!

Step 5: Sew heart onto sweatshirt. Be careful not to double up and sew the sweatshirt together!?!

Step 6: I didn’t take a photo of this step, but you turn the sweatshirt right side out and CAREFULLY cut out the TOP heart! Then you’re left with this beauty!

Didn’t I say it was wonderfully sweet and simple? As seen on my Valentine’s Day post…. I wore mine with a Nerdbiskit mustache pin! So many compliments on this outfit!!

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