Photo an Hour

9am: I was feeling extremely under the weather when I woke up and all my furbabies knew it. Thus why I awoke to them surrounding me!

10am: Peach and Franklin were helping me with my knitting.

11am: Sunny D and taking funny photos of my furbabies with my Holga.
STILL in bed. haha

Noon: In bed not feeling so great. Playing some Hearts on my phone.

1pm: PASSED OUT. No photos of my sicky-nap.

2pm: Late lunch of Honey Nut Cheerios. Yum!

3pm: Reading some Mockingjay to keep my sick self occupado!

4pm: Finally get out of bed and head over to Mitch’s mom’s new apartment to help her set up her cable and organize all the boxes for Karianne’s arrival!

5pm: Cool lighthouse that Mary [Mitch’s mom] has on display.

6pm: Back home to this face. =] He needed a walk with his momma!

7pm: There is something so appealing about Mad Men’s style. I just finished Season One and I love it so far. My vintage obsession is happy with this show.

8pm: More Mad Men with the pup.

After that, I laid down for more reading and hot tea. Mitch came home from working on his project briefly before heading out again and I had a completely restless night of sleep. This cold had better go away soon. I’ve got things to do!!

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