Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-The above photo.
-Sniffles. Having the sniffles at work so badly that I’m sniffing every 5 seconds. My boss, who I share an office with, turned to me and told me that I sounded pitiful. Being sick is gross.
-How small my travel coffee mug is…I’m starting to think that I need one of those giant metal Thermos ones to fill with my vanilla mocha and bring into work each day. FOR REALZ.
-How expensive sick meds are. I need to purchase some more, but they’re so dang costly.

-The above photo.
-Mockingjay. I only have a couple chapters left. I’m so nervous for how it will end. I love the boy with the bread ❤
-Ordering lunch in to my work. It’s the bomb!
-Planning a baby shower for my friend Amanda!! It’s going to be incredible.
-My momma. She’s super supportive of everything I do. And always there to listen and help. I would be so lost without her. I’m so grateful for the relationship we have.
HOSTING MY VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!! I announce the winner tomorrow, so be sure to enter by leaving comments on this post! [Details for entry are at the bottom of the post as well!] Who DOESN’T want to WIN A HAWT PINK MUSTACHIO??

2 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. I would just like to say that I read the little ‘about you’ paragraph beneath the picture on your sidebar and I feel remarkably similar to you! I too am an aspiring actress, self-professed nerd, coffee addict, travel adventurer, Harry Potter fanatic and passionate film watcher. Also, I feel your Hunger Games pain – the fact that it ends is just devastating! Get better soon! And Happy Reading!

  2. Get well soon, I just got over my sniffles!

    Sarah x

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