Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Not being able to see when I drive. Really really cannot wait for my Warby Parker glasses to get here. ❤
-Missing days of blogging at a time. Ugh, Sarah... get with the program.
-Not dressing nicely enough this week to do a proper Outfit Post. Oh, my my… welcome to the “Sarah prefers comfort over style” section of my blog. haha.
-Planning a baby shower and being MUCHO behind in preparation. This weekend will be baby-central at my apartment! =]

Mitchel. He has been THAT much more loving and supportive lately. Gotta love that man o’mine. Happy Birthday, babers! 😉
-Going out with work friends!! It was such a fantabulous night out on the town. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun going out!
-Planning puppy dates with my friends Amanda & Amy. Franklin is going to be so happy to be surrounded by two lady pups. =) My dog has swagger.
-My brother. Seriously… getting to spend so much time with him has really been a blessing. I’m a lucky lady to be surrounded by such wonderful men in my life.

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