My Collections: Harry Potter

Welcome to nerd-central! I’ll be your host, Sarah.

Just kidding, guys. But seriously… I have a collection of Harry Potter items that I am quite, quite proud of. I’d like to show it off to you all now!

First things, first… this is the glooooorious Harry Potter paper flower wreath that I made when I first started my blog! =) I love it oh so much! I’m going to make toooons more for my Etsy shop when I finally get around to opening it!

Next, I have my collection of Harry Potter prints from Made by Renee. She made a custom listing for me to just include these three!! She’s so wonderful to work with… and this really flows with my Harry Potter/book pages corner of my dining room.

And here is my adorable Hermione-styled Keep Calm poster. Honestly, I printed this from the internet and stuck it in a cheap frame. And it’s STILL one of my favorite parts of this corner. haha.

MY HEDWIG!!! A Christmas gift from my wonderful friend Tyler 2 years ago! It’s made of paper, too! Super super cool!

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, my collection of Hardcover Harry Potter novels. The 4th-7th books are all first editions, and all seven novels are what I would call “well-loved”. haha. I’ve read them all too many times to count!

One response to “My Collections: Harry Potter

  1. Emily Bedwell

    I still LOOOOVE that wreath…and my birthday is coming up…and I have an extra copy of the first HP book… šŸ™‚

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