Project 366

[Photo 55]
My mom may or may not have braided dry spaghetti into my hair.

[Photo 56]
My parent’s beautiful home. ❤

[Photo 57]
Peach, Mitch, and the Lion King. Awesome night!

[Photo 58]
Waited for Mitch to pick me up on the BLine Trail.
Beautiful day!

[Photo 59]
Angry Bird fruit snacks made me angry.
They taste icky!

[Photo 60]
Foolin around with Instagram!

[Photo 61]
Naughty pup!

[Photo 62]
Finishing his paper on a Friday night.

[Photo 63]
Ice Cream Heaven

[Photo 64]
The day we celebrated Mitchel’s birthday!

[Photo 65]
Free iPhone from Johnny!! :]

[Photo 66]
My Warby’s! =]
So happy to see again!

6 responses to “Project 366

  1. Before seeing the price tags, for a second I thought all those Ice Cream tubs were in your refrigerator 😀

  2. So sad about the Angry Birds. They should make fruit snack pigs and then we could all bite their little heads off!
    Why is there pasta in your hair? 🙂

  3. love them Warbys!

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