Featured Blogger: Needlings

Hi NobodyputsSarah Readers!  My name is Heather and I am the owner/creator/full-time-sewing-all-the-time-designer behind Needlings.

Sarah has so kindly asked me to contribute to her blog to introduce myself and to give you the opportunity to win some of the goodies she bought for you to potentially own (details below)!  Goodies I made!

So now that you can hardly contain your excitement about free goodies, here’s a little bit about me…

I’m Heather, which I already mentioned, and I started my path towards eventual full-time plush artist in 2007 when I made a felt toy for a little girl my mom took care of.  My mom is a nurse who takes care of special needs children and people in the last days of their lives – she’s the best.  She also happens to be a knitter so I helped her start her etsy shop thenatureofmaryjane.etsy.com.

That’s me! I actually smile a lot but obviously knits are real serious business.
I think I almost have a cowl in every colour now.
And she has almost a full shelf of Needlings she has claimed.

So back to the story – I made a little toy and loved it so much that I kept going.  I was lucky enough to have a few stores eventually ask to carry my work and I was even more motivated to sew Needlings non-stop until I eventually went full-time with it in November of 2010.  And I couldn’t be happier with that decision.  You’ll notice if you take a peek at my “In the Workroom” album on Facebook that I’m really not exaggerating too much when I say that I’m sewing all the time!  I have 14 stores that carry Needlings to keep stocked (5 in Canada and the rest in the US) so there are lots of photos of batches of Owl Mamas and other of my best selling items in various states of completion.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be kept so busy sewing my own designs.

So there you go, the magical beginnings and continuings of a toy-maker.

As far as my non-sewing life (….), I love reading and writing (I actually finished a BA in English shortly before starting Needlings and have been a credited lyric editor), hanging out with my family and friends and my little monkey (actually not a monkey but a cat), Gus.

Isn’t he cute? 😀

Well that’s it for me!  Feel  free to visit me at www.needlings.ca to find all those other common internet places one finds someone.  I keep a little art inspiration splash blog on tumblr where I post workshop photos, occasional outfits, and other nice things I find on the internet. needlings.tumblr.com

Sarah asked me to describe my perfect day so I’ll leave you with that:
–          Kitty cuddles
–          Doodles
–          Dresses
–          Laughing
–          Tea and goodies
–          Sweater weather
–          Family
–          Sewing
Thanks again to the beautiful and talented Heather from Needlings for Sponsoring my blog and writing up this glorious Featured Blogger post for all of you!!

As she mentioned above, we  also have a GIVEAWAY for all of you fantastico readers out there!

It’s a Minou Kitty plush!!!
The absolute CUTEST!!!
And one Lucky, Lucky reader will get to walk away with this kitten angel. ❤

1) Like Needlings on Facebook.
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3) Tweet about the giveaway:
“Enter to win a Needlings Minou kitty plush: http://wp.me/p1pJhn-Id
4) Follow NobodyputsSarahintheCorner [the blog].
5) Like NobodyputsSarahintheCorner on Facebook.
6) Follow me on Twitter.

The winner will be selected at random on the 23rd of March [Friday] at midnight Eastern Standard time! Please make sure to leave a contact email in your comments so I can contact you if you win!! Good luck!!

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  1. annnd followed needlings on twitter ❤

  2. so awesome…heather has a great passion and its very impressive too. I love her skin..porcelain almost (not to sound creepy lol). loved her guest post here.

  3. SOOOOOO cute 🙂

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  20. These are pretty much the coolest things ever. Getting one for my daughter for sure.

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  26. I’ve liked you for quite a while on FB, now am a twitter follower : ). LOVE your work, it is so fresh and sweet. I am an artist/creator also:
    Kick the Moon Farm on Facebook or kickthemoonfarm.com is my web site. Good luck with your work, it is great.

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