Things I’m loving right now

[via Spool 72]
There is something so sweet and fun about this skirt.

[via Modcloth]
The color is to die for…

[via Ruche]
I just want to pair this dress with some fun colors!!

[via The Moth Clothing]
Lace skirts are a spring trend I’m LOVIN’!

[via Poofy Dove]
Owls… le sigh!

[via Ruche]
Go on sale NOW, please, comfy looking cardigan!

2 responses to “Things I’m loving right now

  1. Hello Sarah, many thanks for your post about my lace skirt! I’m very glad you like it, especially since there are many great pieces of clothing on your blog… So cute 🙂
    I talked about it on my FB and TW pages, hope it will get you a few readers!
    Have a lovely day, cheers from Paris, France !

  2. I want that lace skirt! D:

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