Outfit Post

This is my model pose, guys… whaddya think?! ;] haha.

Last Friday I got all gussied up to go on a date night with my lovah. I love this outfit a TON. A metric ton of love for this outfit.

Aaaand, this is what a curvy gal looks like in skinny jeans and flats. You know what? I don’t care… I love flats and skinny jeans, even though they make me look a little bottom heavy!

Jeans: American Eagle
Checkered button up: Target [way back when]
Blue Top Shirt: Ruche
Flats: Charlotte Russe (similar to these)
Pearls: My grandmother ❤
Socks: My momma

And I also had a little visitor! =)

14 responses to “Outfit Post

  1. Wow! You look fantastic! Nice pics! Love the outfit!

    All the best,

  2. I love it!!! You look so cute! and those pearls go great with that top!


  3. loving the top!!! so cute. and the accessory as well…you are adorable

  4. Great matchup with the deep blues and neutral pants! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  5. Cute! Love the top and the pearls! And I’m pretty sure we have matching socks 🙂

    • Yessss! Are yours the breast cancer awareness socks?? After I donated healthy breast tissue, my mom has really been supportive of me and the whole cause [not that she wasn’t before], but we’ve got a second wind of support for Breast Cancer fighters and survivors! =)

      • That is amazing! I didn’t know you donated — huge props to you for doing that. I do the Komen Race for the Cure every year — I think I’m on my 9th year now. I got the socks for one of the races.

      • Wow!!! You’re awesome!! My mom and I really want to do the Race for the Cure!! We’re nervous about getting sponsors, though!!

      • The first few years I tried raising money, but now I just pay the fee and do the race, and don’t worry too much about it. Komen has a ton of money — if it were a smaller nonprofit I would push more. 🙂

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