Awkward & Awesome Thursday

This pup loves music. And that is nothing short of awesome.

-Having to jump over the back of my seat during Hunger Games to use the restroom, almost falling, and having the lovely, flamboyant gent behind me offer his hand. Practically a fairy tale! ;]
-Wanting to go straight to bed after work yesterday and somehow getting sucked into the book I was reading… and staying up until 10:45, as usual. =\ TONIGHT I will get some sleep, dang nabbit. haha.
-Having Hunger Game nightmares lately. UGH.

-My brother John spending the night at my place a couple of nights last weekend! I love getting to chill with him.
-Speaking of siblings, Mitch and my new favorite activity is to grab some dinner with Johnny and Karianne [his sister]. We have such a blast when the four of us get together! =]
-Gin Rummy!!! I just learned how to play, and everytime we hang out with Mitch’s fam, we talk and play cards!
-Finishing ‘Angle of Repose’ last night! Excellent, excellent novel!! =)
-Mitchel packing a lunch for me today. I love him so much. And not just for his delicious packed lunches! 😉

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. Haha.. 10:45? That’s not even late my dear… I go to bed roughly around 1, 2 every morning. The Hunger Games and blogging have much to to do with this. If I could dream more Peeta I’d go to bed quicker, but he only shows up on occasion. PS HOW AWESOME ARE THE HUNGER GAMES. I’m completely obsessed. It’s not ok. But it is. Because it’s so good. And it’s not Twilight.

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