I could be a model, but instead…

Instead of doing my normal Friday DIY post, I wanted to write a post about this INCREDIBLE project that my bloggy friend Beth from Beth’s Style Blog came up with. In her own words:

I’m going to help change how the media portrays women.

Everybody, welcome to the brand new link up I am starting called I Could Be A Model But Instead…
Basically, on the 1st of every month I will post an advertisement or a picture from a current fashion magazine spread, and whoever would like to join in gets to use that as outfit inspiration and then… recreate the ad. The idea behind the madness is that we are ALL beautiful, not just the models we see in magazines. We need to stop accepting that being tall and skinny is the only way we can look good in clothes, and we need to let the media know that is is not alright to continue to dictate what is attractive. Fifty years ago it was voluptuous women, and girls were doing unhealthy things to their bodies to get curves in all the right places. Now it is tall skinny women, and girls are doing unhealthy things to their bodies to shrink down to size. It wasn’t fair then, it isn’t fair now. Big, small, skinny, tall, everything in between: in my eyes you are all gorgeous. We also need to let the media know that it is not alright to objectify women, and to reduce our worth down to what we look like. Not ok guys. (And double also, it is going to be a little bit of fun to dress up every month :P)

It’s BRILLIANT! It’s exactly what Marilyn Monroe was about… she wasn’t saying that HER body was more perfect than anyone else’s, she was just trying to get us all to appreciate our body, our curves, our skinny parts, too! What Beth is doing here is incredible and I’m behind this project 100%!

I encourage all of you to head to her site and link up to your own blog posts, photos, etc… Be a part ofย  making a difference here!

3 responses to “I could be a model, but instead…

  1. I love this! I think I want to try to participate ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aw thanks Sarah! I am so excited too!!

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