Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Smelling the new wireless music system at work as I took it out of the box. ‘I love the smell of new electronics’, I say. Who says that?! Thanks goodness my bff Harvs walked in and said the same thing almost immediately. ❤ it!
-That moment after I finish painting my nails, after I think it’s completely dry and state something along the lines of “Thank goodness, I didn’t mess it up for once” then go to adjust my pillow and slam my nails into the wall on accident. Nail kharma is never on my side…

-Focusing so hard on my work that I look up and it’s already 4pm. Days that go by super fast kind of kick butt.
-Dinner with my favorite nieces and friends Chris & Ashlee!! :] I wish I got to see them more often!
-Wearing Mitchel’s long-sleeved shirt during lunch and forgetting to give it back after lunch. =] I like being able to smell his nice aftershave remnants on it.
-Planning a trip to Texas to see Mitchel’s BEAUTIFUL niece Naomi!!!! I love her so much, it is ridiculous!

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