DIY: Bleach Painting Shirt

After I saw this DIY on A Beautiful Mess, I knew I had to give it a shot myself! Isn’t Jill super creative with this one? =]

The supplies are easy:
A Bleach pen.
Cheap-o t-shirt [mine is from Wal-mart for 4.88]
Cardboard or something to put in between the shirt layers [I used a spare pet food mat I had lying around].

First things first, I traced out my pattern with chalk! And Princess Peach so kindly stepped on it to ensure it was smudge-proof.

And then I placed the cat food mat in between the shirt layers and traced out the chalk marks with my handy dandy bleach pen.

This is where things get complicated… I let it sit for an hour in some artificial light [since it was nighttime haha], rinsed it off and immediately washed it in the washer… and all of the MARKINGS CAME OFF.

That’s right, folks, a failed DIY. I think I should’ve let it dry after I rinsed it before putting it in the washer. I will be trying this one again… but I just wanted everyone to know that my DIY projects don’t always go as planned. haha. And this was such a COOL one! I will persevere!!

5 responses to “DIY: Bleach Painting Shirt

  1. Sarah, maybe your chalk prevented the bleach pen from actually reaching the t-shirt! My suggestion would be to use one of those fabric pens that go invisible over time. At least this way there isn’t a powdery substance blocking the bleach pen! 🙂

  2. I think Princess Peach was going after the food mat. Hee hee. Have a good weekend.

  3. Kitties always love to help. I love this idea and there has been a super sweet cool drawing my 5 year old made of a “dancin’ kitty” that I have somehow wanted to turn into wearable art and this sounds ideal. Please show us your final results (ah, Peeta) and thanks for the inspiration.

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