Bloomington Handmade Market

On Saturday, Mitchel took me for a date-adventure!! We hit up the Bloomington Handmade Market. Gotta love that man o’ mine and his dedication to loving me! =)

There were so many talented bloggers and shop owners alike. I just want to share a few of my favorites with you guys today!

Pink Cheeks Studios: Etsy // Blog // Facebook

The talented Nichol designs and makes all of the Pink Cheeks Studios plush dolls! She is so incredibly talented and such a sweetheart! I really enjoyed chatting with her about DIYs, her blog, and how she makes these precious little guys. The owl is clearly my favorite. Just saying!

Kinaloon: Shop //  Facebook

Barbara is the sweetest lady EVER!!!! She stood with Mitchel and I and talked through her process and crafting and all of her amazing designs. She hand draws all of her cards before adding color and printing. VERY talented! Make sure to check out her work!! 

Reuse First: Shop  // Blog // Facebook

This was the most eclectic and fun spirited collection! And the three running the booth really made me feel as if I was an old friend of theirs, so jovial and full of WONDERFUL reuse ideas!! I am going to have to order from their shop sometime in the VERY near future!

Starsprinkle Supercollider: Shop // Blog // Facebook

This shop is especially near and dear to my heart! Cecily and her husband Josh run this INCREDIBLY creative shop! Not only does Josh draw some incredibly whimsical pieces, but Cecily designs and makes jewelry of all sorts! Cecily is a dear friend of mine who helped coached my high school Colorguard team. She really inspired me to embrace who I am and not associate myself with anyone who brings me down. Everytime I see her she’s positive and lovely and has an incredible aura of happiness about her! =) LOVE THIS SHOP!

Wholly Craft: Shop // Blog // Facebook

SO MANY THINGS THAT I WANTED TO BUY HERE! And did buy here. haha This shop had amazing brooches, jewelry, wallets, plushies, head scarves! Everything you could imagine! Also, did you notice something familiar in that last photo? NEEDLINGS OWL MAMA!!! Craziness!!!

Opposite of Far: Shop // Blog // Facebook

Jessica is my very first local blogger friend!!! I found her awesome site and services for the first time at the handmade market and I can’t wait to collaborate with her sometime very soon! I adore her furry masks [for children AND adults]! Mitch and I bought one for his niece’s 2nd birthday [coming up in May]! Definitely worth a looksie and a buysie! Well-made stuff, to say the least. Plus, Jessica is a complete sweetie! Really into her craft! Gotta love that!

Cordial Kitten: Shop // Blog // Facebook

Candice talked with Mitchel and myself for a good 20 minutes about her artwork! It was so impressive. She is an incredibly creative lady! I was pretty psyched to see her stuff. Her cat-erpillar was hilarious! And Mitch loved her coloring book so much, he bought one… FOR HIMSELF. My bf is the coolest! :]

Paper Acorn: Shop // Blog // Facebook

Jessica was so friendly and had so many awesome paper products!! 🙂 I loved her garlands and hanging birdie boxes! AND HER SETUP! Ooooh la la! I loved her vintage suitcases! I have SO got to get myself some of these! What a charming gal! And she’s been featured in MAGAZINES… including Martha Stewart, whew. It was like talking to a celebrity! =)

Afterwards, Mitch and I grabbed some sammies at Dagwood’s! It was a delicious and prosperous afternoon of befriending fellow crafters and spending more money than I should have! LOL!

4 responses to “Bloomington Handmade Market

  1. Thank you for writing a LOVELY piece about Bloomington Handmade Market! It is a labor of love and always so wonderful to see people enjoying the vendors and event! I can’t wait to collaborate sometime soon…coffee date? 🙂

  2. that wholly craft table is amazing!

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