DIY: Futon Fix-er-Upper

When Mitch officially moved into my apartment, he brought a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that went into storage. haha. But his futon… that was PERFECT for the second bedroom. Except it was black… and I like COLORS! The cover can easily be swapped or covered with a colorful blanket, but the frame… the frame we decided to paint over.

First we primered the frame. Both sides! We used a white metal primer. Spray paint all the way. We figured that if it chipped, it’d have a cool vintage-used look to it. And we like that!

Did I mention that I did one layer in my pajamas early Saturday morning?

After the primer dried, we used my handy dandy green. Rustoleum Satin paint… color: Eden. OH, YEAH! =)

And VOILA! A simple but time-consuming DIY project to freshen up that silly old futon you have lying around from college. Or perhaps you’re still in college and need a fresh makeover for your futon! Either way, I’m completely smitten with the idea of bright new spring colors.

Now if I can only get Mitch to let me put floral sheets on it… 😉

One response to “DIY: Futon Fix-er-Upper

  1. such a great color! take that, futon!

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