Project 366

I have some catching up to do with my Project 366, don’t I, kiddos? Here goes!

[Photo 84]
Franklin loving on his Uncle Johnny!

[Photo 85]
Thrifting it up!

[Photo 86]
Franklin as Captain America

[Photo 87]
Shorts for the first time in YEARS!

[Photo 88]
Bows on my nails!

[Photo 89]
Finishing up this awesome novel…

[Photo 90]
My brother bought me some DUNKAROOS!! 90’s anyone?

[Photo 91]

[Photo 92]
Franklin ❀ Gertie

[Photo 93]
We won 9 dollars!

[Photo 94]
My boys ❀

[Photo 95]
Princess Peach cuddles make everything better!

[Photo 96]
We’re a friend of O’Charley’s!

[Photo 97]
Mitchel bought me new headphones!!

[Photo 98]
Rockin’ out to The Shins new album.

[Photo 99]
Iron Pour 2012

[Photo 100]

[Photo 101]
Mountain Goat Peach!

[Photo 102]
Awesome brooch from Wholly Crafts!

[Photo 103]
My new tattooooooooooo!
Full entry coming at you guys on Sunday!

4 responses to “Project 366

  1. 103?! Did you start right after New Years? πŸ˜€

    I’m in love with that tattoo!

  2. my jaw dropped after seeing the tattoo! you’re too awesome! πŸ™‚

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