Featured Blogger: Pursuit of Felicity

Hello, I’m Felicity and I blog  and run a custom blog design service under the name ‘Pursuit of Felicity’. I originally started blogging as a way to escape the boredom of Uni and being unemployed, and before I knew it I was completely transfixed. Thanks to blogging I finally found my niche – my reason to wake up early of a morning, excited for the day ahead. That niche, ladies and gentlemen, is designing blogs. 🙂

What inspires you when designing blogs?
Pretty and simple things. Pastel colours, cuddly animals, lace dresses, lost buttons, hair ribbons and sparkley shoes. Anything that catches my eye and makes me want to stay a while. 🙂

The blog design/item that you are most proud of/love the most?
Probably my current blog design. 
It’s simple, pretty and feminine. Every time I look at it, it takes me to a happy place. Sausage dogs have become a sort of signature with my layouts, and the sausage dog silhouette featured in this layout is of my very own sausage dog, Phoebe. 😀

What do you do in your free time?
To be honest, not a lot. I moved to the coast with my partner a little over a year ago, and whilst it’s only an hours drive to visit our closest family and friends, we simply can’t afford the constant petrol money when we’re still only students. Instead I spend a lot of my free time online, blogging and trying to source out clients for my new blog design business. I also enjoy baking, D.I.Y crafts and
spending quality time with my partner. 

Fur babies!!!! How many do you have, share photos, stories!! 🙂
Haha! I have 2 furbabies, Phoebe and Joey, and yes, we named them after the ‘Friends’ characters. 😉 Phoebe is a 2 and a bit year old black and tan Miniature Dachshund, and Joey is a 7 month old Maltese/Papillon cross. 😀

And last but not least, your perfect day!
My perfect day would be one where I’d wake up naturally, without the help of medication, and actually feel refreshed. It would be a day without assignments, housework, or sitting at the computer all morning. It would be sunny outside so my partner and I could head out for a day at the beach. We’d tan (or at least I would tan, my partner would just get sunburnt), read books, eat ice cream, go for a dip in the ocean, then grab fish and chips (fish for my partner, chips for me) and head back to our magically air conditioned apartment (I wish) for some romantic dinner/snuggle time! 🙂
Isn’t she absolutely stunning?! AND she named her furbabies after Friends characters… a lady after my own heart! ❤
Anywho, Felicity is also sponsoring a GIVEAWAY for a custom button design!!!
Here are some of her GLORIOUS button designs:

1) Follow Pursuit of Felicity’s blog.
2) Like Pursuit of Felicity on Facebook.
3) Follow Pursuit of Felicity on Twitter.
4) Tweet about the giveaway:
“Enter to win a Pursuit of Felicity blog button: http://wp.me/p1pJhn-J5
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7) Follow me on Twitter.

The winner will be selected at random on the 27th of April [Friday] at midnight Eastern Standard time! Please make sure to leave a contact email in your comments so I can contact you if you win!! Good luck!!

23 responses to “Featured Blogger: Pursuit of Felicity

  1. Oh my gosh, aren’t you just the sweetest! Thanks so much again for featuring me on your awesome blog! 😀


  2. I followed Felicity! :]

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  4. I followed Felicity’s blog. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!!


  5. I followed Felicity on Twitter (although it appears she hasn’t been tweeting! Pressure’s on now!!)

  6. I liked Sarah on Facebook.
    (By the way, my email address is pickledyarn@gmail.com)

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  8. Massive Comments Here they come!
    Follow Felicty on Twitter – CHECK!

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  14. What a sweet and helpful feature and giveaway! I followed Felicity’s blog!

  15. I followed Felicity on Twitter! She now actually has to tweet for us 😀

  16. I followed Felicity on Facebook!

  17. I followed this amazing blog! ^_^

  18. I followed Sarah on Facebook! You didn’t make us do very hard stuff to enter this giveaway…. 🙂

  19. and i tweeted (@talulabblogger)

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