DIY: Spring Flower Vases

I decided for this week’s DIY project to make some glorious Spring Flower Vases out of some Mason Jars! They ended up looking more like Easter eggs than planned, but I’m really happy with the final product!

Supplies needed:
-Paints [I chose glow-in-the-dark for my accent color… I’m hoping it’ll look firefly-esque outside on summer nights!]
-Mason Jars
-Place to put paint… I used my little paint holder thingy, but you could even use the mason jar lid!

Now this is the fun part!! I put the glow in the dark paint in my holder, dipped my paintbrush in it and hit the paintbrush on the rim of the mason jar… effectively splattering paint all over the inside of the jars!

I wish I had a photo of this part, but I let the yellow dry for half an hour and then I poured the other paint directly into the jar and basically held it sideways and upside down to force the paint to trickle down and cover the inside of the jar!

And here is my final product!! So pretty and just in time for Spring!!

2 responses to “DIY: Spring Flower Vases

  1. cuteeeeee! i love them 🙂

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