Project 366

Photo 104
I’m in District 3 of Panem!

Photo 105
My brother is so handsome!

Photo 106
The view from my hotel in Indy for Hero Conf!

Photo 107
I joined Pottermore and got placed in Gryffindor, naturally!

Photo 108
Made my Mason Jar DIY

Photo 109
Beautiful weather outside

Photo 110
Finally built the futon in the spare room!

Photo 111
Went to Bub’s for dinner & dessert with Karianne & Mitch

Photo 112
My Franklin is home again and looking great after his eye surgery!

Photo 113
Fixed my bedframe FINALLY [it was broken since September]

Photo 114
Mitch read “Where the Wild Things Are” over Skype to Naomi

Photo 115
Peach didn’t want me to leave for work…

Photo 116
Mango Smoothie. Yum!

Photo 117
My flowers from Mitchel smell so good at work!

Photo 118
Outfit Post Sneak Peak!

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