DIY: Bleach Painting Shirt

Okay, do you remember waaaaay back when I tried to do my very own bleached shirt? Well, mine didn’t turn out quite like Jill‘s DIY:

Her shirt is absolutely beautiful!

I, on the other hand, had to take a second take on this disaster project! Mine just didn’t dye… not even a little bit! Sure that the problem was my choice in tee color, I decided to go with a navy blue like Jill this time! =)

So I wrote out my message with a bleach pen and let it dry outside:
Beautiful, non?

After I let this sit in the sun for the better part of a day, I washed off the bleach and let it dry. Once it completely dried, it looked like this:
What a MESS!?

It’s barely even readable, so I did what any self-respecting blogger would do… I came up with my own alternative. I grabbed a paint pen from Wally and drew over the messy bleach stains with it!
And VOILA! It really didn’t turn out so horribly after all!

I even added my very own touch this time:

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