Project 366

Photo 119
Uncle Dana & Mom @ The Naughty Dog

Photo 120
Mitch swinging Franklin around! Frank loves it!!

Photo 121
Mitch standing next to his class project!

Photo 122
A rainbow of colors above me while I sleep. =)

Photo 123
Do you spy Mitchel in this photo?

Photo 124
We met Thor at the Avengers midnight showing!!!

Photo 125
MY PUFFY MONSTER from Curious Little Bird arrived!!! =)

Photo 126
Johnny & Dana took the Bub’s burger challenge!!

Photo 127
My cuddley Peachie muffin!

Photo 128
A voting postcard that I got in the mail. This little guy is ADORBS!

Photo 129
*drool* Choc Chip Muffin @ work!! YUM!

Photo 130
Time for a road trip to Texas!

Photo 131
Giant ball of light in Texas

Photo 132
Naomi & her mommy feeding the ducks!

Photo 133
Pretty design on my dress for Naomi’s birthday!

Photo 134
I love her. ❤

Photo 135
Home again, home again rig a jig jig!

One response to “Project 366

  1. i loveeeee chocolate chip muffins 🙂

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