DIY: Ruffled Flower Pillow

I made my mom a Ruffled Flower Pillow for Mother’s Day!! =) I’m pretty proud of the final product… here’s how I did it!

-Shirt from Goodwill
-Needles & Thread

Take your shirt and cut off all of the large seams! After you have the fabric laid out, cut out a TON of circles! I made mine rather large since the cotton fabric didn’t make very big flowers!

Now you take those circles and cut spirals into them!

Wind the spirals up one circle at a time to make your rosettes! Now you sew those rosettes into your pillow however you’d like. I chose to sew mine into a circle on one side of the pillow! =)

And now you’re done!! Let mom live in awe of your simple yet beautiful creation!

4 responses to “DIY: Ruffled Flower Pillow

  1. Nice!! I love it 🙂 I think I will try it…thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful!!!!!

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