Kitty Corner

via Gigafytes

via Oh Dear Molly
hahaha. I am seriously considering this for my home!

I want one of these adorable foxes STAT!!

via Chaos Life
I sometimes wonder this as well about my kitties!

via ??
D’aww, cuddle buddies!

via Sharenator

I love some of the cat stuffs I’ve been finding via the interwebs lately.
You guys got anything?

3 responses to “Kitty Corner

  1. I just love my cats. Since it’s cold here now (Australia), one of them gets right up in my face at night and I can fall asleep with an arm round him. My other cat then sleeps on top of my legs on the blanket. It makes me feel safe and snuggly! 🙂

  2. So cute! I want an army of kitty hipsters!

  3. Too cute and very funny. Love that one from Chaos Life. I’ve been branching out and working on some plush goodness. Here’s a link to a couple of cats I made, love to know what you think and if I should make more to sell.

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