Awkward & Awesome Thursday

This could also be titled The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly this week!

Awkward [Aka: The Bad and The Ugly]:
-My brother got in a wreck. Totaled his car, but he is alright. THANK GOD. Super stressful and scary situation.
-Had a conversation at work that did not go as planned. Ensue completely stressed out and crying in the parking lot Sarah.
-Fought with Mitchel [we’re not perfect either, guys] and cried then, too.
-Didn’t have money to pay for gas and I had to ask my parents to borrow money. I am 26 years old and still asking my parents for help.

Awesome [Aka: The Good]:
-Eating dinner with my parents. I really got their perspective on some stuff going down in my life right now. It was wonderful.
-Talks with Mitchel about our future. I love imagining our future and talking about saving money. It’s good to plan. My OCD likes it. haha.
-Reevaluating my life, career, goals. It’s stressful, but I know it needs to be done. I’ve been struggling for a while and I really need to figure it out.
-Finishing my HP wreathes for my shop… Now on to Hunger Games  and LOTR ones.
-Reading The Hobbit with Mitchel. =) SO EXCITING!
-Going to a concert in Chicago this weekend. I really need this mini vacay to get my mind on track.
-Coworkers and friends who know precisely what to say to calm me down in my moment of weakness. I really can’t say enough good things about them.

7 responses to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. I really appreciate your honesty in this post. It’s so refreshing! Sounds like a stressful week, hope next week is better! What concert are you going to?

  2. That puppy is insanely cute. Sounds like you had a bit of a rough week, glad there was some good stuff to help even it out. And don’t worry, I’m 28 and I still have to ask my mom for help from time to time when something big comes up.

  3. sorry to hear you’ve had it rough but that things are good to too is nice to hear! 🙂 I get your planning thing – my ocd side likes to plaaaaaaaan

  4. when does your site open? I NEED A WREATH, STAT.

    Also, I love you.

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