Chicago Trip

Day 1: Pitchfork Festival at Union Park in Chicago, IL

We spent a rockin’ day listening to bands and foraging through the muddy fields to the separate stages!! I felt like I lost AT LEAST 5 lbs that day due to the amount of water leaving my body via sweat the entire day!! That might be a little TMI… Overall, my favorite bands of the day were Hot Chip, Grimes, and The Chromatics!

Day 2: Navy Pier & Millennium Park

On Day 2 we went to Navy Pier to explore, ended up watching the World Class Sailing Race… the FIRST EVER in the United States. What a lucky day!! We stood and watched the race before continuing on to the magical bean of Chicago [aka: Cloud Gate]. We took so many photos with our disposable cameras this day. It was really just a full day of walking too much and exploring the Windy City. My favorite part was riding the swings right before we headed back to the hotel for the evening!! So many incredible memories with my love.

Day 3: Driving home

Day 3 we explored the mall in Schaumburg, where I almost fainted at the site of Sanrio [the company that designed Hello Kitty]!! I promptly ushered Mitchel into the shop and giggled as I remembered walking through a similar one back in Mililani, Hawaii with my besties. They didn’t have a lot of the characters I love, but I did snatch up a Chococat iPhone case!! And then, we sadly started the 5 hour trek back to Indiana. We were sad to leave, but so happy to be back home.

I ALMOST FORGOT!!! We found an IKEA in Schaumburg!!!!! =) I had my first trip EVER to the glorious shop and found all sorts of fantastic and affordable things for our new apartment. We move in 3 weeks, by the way!!! Can’t wait to show off all my IKEA goodies to ya’ll when we’re settled in the new place…

And so ends another adventure of Sarah & Mitchel!
Xoxo, Sarah

6 responses to “Chicago Trip

  1. i could spend my life in ikea, so much stufffffff.
    and oh hayyyy, nice banner! šŸ™‚ ā¤ xxxxx

  2. awww ikea is ace šŸ™‚ looks like you had a nice trip

  3. What????? You where so close and no visit! BOOOOOOO
    HaHa, Next time you visit Chicago, let me know:)

  4. you went to PITCHFORK? totes jelly! looks like you had a great trip1 ā¤

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