Outfit Post

It was a day full of grilling and a fanshmastic outfit, if I do say so myself. Anytime I can wear jeans and a shirt and act like I’m dressed nicely, I’m sold!!

This outfit post is part of my new lease on life… involving being REAL to myself on this blog of mine.  I am wearing ZERO makeup in this outfit post. Real to life. haha. It’s so sad to me that this is an accomplishment for me nowadays, it never used to be. I never wore makeup at all until I had a boss tell me 3 years ago that I didn’t look professional enough in my job due to my lack of makeup and heels. Something I was adamantly against in my post-college years. Either way, I guess what my sick-addled brain is trying to say that this is a step for me. A step in the right direction – allowing my blog to be more true to life.

7 responses to “Outfit Post

  1. You look beautiful in these pictures. You’re boss was an idiot for telling you otherwise.

  2. yes yes yes! no makeup!!! when i started dating my current boyfriend 3 years ago, he told me i didn’t need the stuff & that i looked lovely without it (that’s why he’s still mine! what a sweetie ;o) ). ever since, i haven’t worn it & have been on the no-makeup-gravy-train!! i think almost every woman looks better without it! & can i just say when i read you weren’t wearing makeup i was surprised – you can absolutely pull it off! good for you!! you look ah – may – zing :o)

  3. You look totally amazing Sarah! Yay for the real you! Proud of you sista xxxx

  4. You look radiant in this post – no make up is good good good! And that hair is fab!

  5. Just discovered your blog. I love your blog name!!! Too awesome.

    Anyhoo…you are gorgeous! My feelings on makeup are always wear whatever makes you feel good. No makeup, tons of makeup, whatever. Because nothing is more attractive than looking comfortable and confident!

    And your hair is super awesome, btw!

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