DIY: Sharpie Mugs

We made our very own Sharpie coffee/tea mugs!! And before you ask, YES, Mitchel drew a grilled hot dog on his mug. Semi-phallic and super odd. haha. I love him. Whereas my mug ended up all girly and a little indie [I’m ashamed to say] =P.

This one is easy, guys. I read about it on A Beautiful Mess and went from there! There are only two steps.

Step 1) Draw with Sharpie on a mug of your choosing. I bought mine at Target.

Step 2) Set oven to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. We did ours on a cookie sheet!

VOILA!!! Beautiful handmade and personalized mugs! What a great Christmas gift this would be, huh? =)

4 responses to “DIY: Sharpie Mugs

  1. An art project I can do! YES!! Do you have to buy a special kind of mug??

  2. yours are super cute! funfunfun.

  3. LOL at the hot dog! They turned out awesome though 🙂

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