Today I am…

In honor of self-love, I’m posting this photo from early this morning that I really do not LOVE of myself, but I’m going to be working on it. Working on loving ME.

Completely enamored with the blog ladies who have made it their mission to talk about self love. Amy Morby [as always a completely inspiring individual] and The Nearsighted Owl [with her acceptance and love of who she is and her body] these ladies completely blow me away.

Also, in case you haven’t checked out her site… I am in COMPLETE girl crush mode on Daisy from Boux-Who! She’s all about being real and embracing that in your life and blog! Keep posted, all, because I think we’re going to be working on our very own keepin’ it real/self love-‘splosion! =)

8 responses to “Today I am…

  1. Yay for self-love 🙂 there are some amazing ladies out there promoting the message!

    Sarah x

    • I agree! They’re so inspiring to me. I really believe that the blogging community is doing so many amazing things for women out there. Promoting love between ladies rather than jealousy and competition. Loving people for all of their flaws and oddities. I can’t get enough of it. =)

  2. i am loving this, you have such a gorgeous smile! ❤

  3. you’re always beautiful, Sarah! I wish i looked half that good any day of the week (you can probably tell that self-love is NOT one of my strong suites!)

  4. as i sit here reading all the awesome blogs you follow…yes, i agree. and i kind of want to just delete mine. so unimportant in the scheme of things!

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