Tristan’s 5th Birthday Party

On Tuesday, Mitch and I met up with some pretty incredible friends and celebrated little Miss Tristan’s 5th birthday party!!! Is she really 5 already?! =\

First, let’s talk about this cutie!! Greyson let me hold and love on him for quite a while during the party. Then he promptly passed out. haha.

The Farris babes are definitely my favorites! Molly, their 3rd daughter, really opened up to me this visit. She giggled and let me kiss her and really played with me! She’s got cheeks to die for!! =)

I love hanging out with this crew. They’re all so incredibly loving and fun! =) We just had a blast! Mitch and I left feeling giggly and exhausted and talking about the next time we’ll get to spend time with The Farris’, Julius, Steve, and Greg!!

2 responses to “Tristan’s 5th Birthday Party

  1. aww looks like a lovely time šŸ™‚

  2. Aww! Cute photos, I love that the Olympics gymnastics is on the TV in the background! ā¤

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