Did I ever tell you


That I aspire to be a professional writer? It’s my overall goal and I spend some evenings and Saturdays writing short stories to my hearts content. I can’t write the way I want to everyday (mostly due to the stresses of my current job)!

I remember growing up and writing silly fanfic about my favorite bands w my friend Kym. We’d go back and forth to create stories in which our crushes from S Club 7 and Five would end up falling madly in love with us and we’d kiss. To an 8th grader, that’s the end goal. To have a boy you really, really like kiss you and whisk you away. Entirely hopeless romanticism!

Now I’m much more advanced… Outfit posts and kitty corners! Haha. But really, I just wanted you all to know that I do take this seriously. That even just writing the little blurbs I sometimes pen means the world to me. It keeps me going and makes me feel that all is not lost in my writing career!

Imagine me sitting here with a pen and pad of paper and writing you from that instead of my laptop, trying to tell you how my day went, what’s been on my mind lately, things I feel strongly about. I know I can come off as super bubbly and not much content behind my rants and thoughts. And that’s fine with me, because I know there’s a lot more here on this blog for me.

One response to “Did I ever tell you

  1. I haven’t thought about those fanfics in years! We were so silly! I’m glad you’ve clearly evolved as a writer since then, regrettably I have not 😉 ❤

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