Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Getting in a major fight with my brother. These just don’t happen anymore. We trust each other and are really close. Lemme tell you. This sucks.
-Talking to myself at work… this happens most when I’m frustrated about IT issues. haha.
-Not being totally off book yet for some short skits I’m in with my friends Emily & Aimee! Eep!! Show opens tomorrow. Yesterday and tonight = all memorization and packing, all the time.
-This gut o’mine. Running shall commence in T- a couple days [after the move is complete].

-Moving into a smaller place and saving more money. Mitch and I are going to set ourselves and our future family up right!
-Putting in my 3 weeks notice on Monday. That’s right, folks… onward and upward for good ole’ Sarah. What’s that? I got a job writing? And it pays more? Wowee!!! =)
-Spray paint and projects and organization!! You know I loves me some organization. haha.
-My 26th birthday coming up in less than a week now! Next Wednesday – HOLLAH! I am so, so, not ghetto.

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. Yay, birthday coming up! In the midst of moving, are you planning anything special??

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