Twenty Six & My Top 5 of Twenty Five!

Today is my 26th birthday!!! I can’t believe how fast my life and the past few years have flown by… in memory of the last year, these are my top 5 memories from my 25th year!

1. Starting to date Mitchel. It’s been an incredible year… I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life.

2. The day we brought Franklin home from the Humane Society. He was such a roly-poly little man!

3. Going on a family vacation to Washington, DC!! We went to the Smithsonians, stayed downtown, and really, just spent a TON of time together. I really love my family and spending down time with them!

4. Getting my owl tattoo!! I finally took the plunge and got my first large piece on my arm! I really could not love it more!

5. Starting a new job. And starting to think about my career in the long term! I’ve been making strides in my goals lately and I’m really happy to see what the future may bring!

Okay, 26… I’m ready for you!! Let’s see what you’ve got!! =)

6 responses to “Twenty Six & My Top 5 of Twenty Five!

  1. happy birthday gorgeous! ❤ x

  2. Happy birthday!! 🙂

  3. happy birthday, lovely!

  4. Happy Birthday to you!!!

  5. Happy birthday! Here the sweetest russian Birthday song for you:

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