Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-No room in the new bathroom to dry off outside of the shower. Soooo awkie!
-Moving. I always get so excited to move and then realize how painful and un-fun moving all of my junk to a new locale can be!
-Going 3 days without caffeine and 2 days without my anxiety meds = not a good idea. haha. Moving is stressful enough without forgetting where I put my meds and not having my espresso machine hooked up!!
-Gah! Forgetting my iPod at home yesterday. On a day when the office has a meeting right next door, so I can’t escape the noise!

-TURNING 26 YESTERDAY. Bam! When do I start to feel like an adult?!
-Four day weekends. Seriously. Wish it was a 31 day weekend, but it was still nice. Even though we moved the entire time. haha
-Organizing! The apartment may be small, but it’s been nice to get rid of the excess and organize everything we use on a daily basis!
-Cheaper rent = more money saved = more moolah for extras like my NEXT tattoo!! =)

One response to “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. happy belated birthday!!

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