My Womanifesto

My name is Sarah and I am one of a kind.

I will not hold myself up to society’s standards for beauty.
I will only wear makeup when I feel like it, not to feel attractive.
I will love my curvy body and be proud of my womanly features!
I will stop trying to have the perfect flat tummy and start appreciating my tummy & the pooch that’s starting to show in preparation of motherhood someday.
I will enjoy and love my tattoos & stop worrying about what others may think of me for having them. I love my body art and it’s how I express myself.

I am more than a Christian,
a nerd,
a writer,
an actor,
a daughter,
a sister,
a girlfriend,
a friend,
a hard-worker.

My right is to learn things the hard way sometimes.
My right is to love everyone.
My right is to trust people from the start.
My right is to stay away from people that try to hide or diminish my light.
My right is to study and love Christianity and Christ.
My right is to open up and be real with people.
My right is to be passionate about everything in my life, regardless of how miniscule it may seem to others.
My right is to keep learning and growing no matter what my age.
My right is to not keep quiet or be subservient, because that is not who I am.
My right is to be loved [or not loved] for my beliefs and inner soul.
My right is to use and showcase my body as I see fit, not as society tells me it is acceptable.
My right is to support all women and not view them as competition.
My right is to stay away from all of other people’s drama & be true to who I am, even if it means that I’m fighting alone.
My right is to work a job and pursue a career that I love and find enjoyment from.

No longer will I be silenced.
No longer will I allow others to tell me how to live my life and in what order I should be doing things.
No longer will I punish myself for not having the “perfect” body. God made me the way I am and I intend to adore the body that is on loan to me!
No longer will I feel guilty or like a bad person when people notice or see my tattoo… it is who I am, and if you don’t like it, that’s your prerogative… I love my tattoos and what they represent about who I am.
No longer will I be repressed. I am a wild pony and will be free.

I am a woman.
My body is capable of incredible, life-giving things.
I am fierce,
& gorgeous in my own right.
I have a fire within that noone can put out or douse.
I am enlightened, loving, and nurturing.
I am worthy of appreciation and love.

I will surround myself with people who make my happy and shine.
I will be confident about myself and my body.
I will not let age determine my life path.
I will take this Womanifesto to heart and listen to myself and my needs.

I am a woman… capable of anything I put my mind to!
I embrace my weirdness!
I embrace my unique ability to show and feel compassion!

I will smile and laugh and LIVE all the days of my life.
If you’re interested in writing your own Womanifesto, I suggest checking out Jes’ blog The Militant Baker. She is a strong, beautiful, and empowering woman. I am so happy to know her and I fully believe in her Womanifesto goals! I challenge each of you to write your own Womanifesto. It’s incredibly inspiring and promotes self-love to it’s fullest!!! =)

10 responses to “My Womanifesto

  1. Good for you! Really inspiring post and I hope more woman will finally realize how important it is to be themselves and stop always trying to live up to their friends, and families, and societies expectations of who they are supposed to be.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this. And you! I want to write mine. 🙂

  3. ❤ This is awesome and you are awesomeXinfinity. I'm sharing. <3, Cec

  4. ❤ This is awesome, and you are awesomeXinfinity. I'm sharing this. <3, Cec

  5. I love this. you are such a gem. such such such a gem.

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