Pittsburgh Trip

A collective sigh issues from every fiber of my being just LOOKING at this photo.
Pittsburgh, PA.
It’s been the only static home in my life, being an Army brat will do that to you.
My grandparents all lived around the city… it is one of my happy places.
I bleed black and gold [Steelers, baby]!
That’s why I was absolutely smitten with getting the opportunity to go home to visit my family up there and celebrate my grandfather’s 80th birthday!!

This photo of my grandfather with my second cousin Elise just melts my heart. Not only is it touching that I got to meet her and hopefully will be a part of her life [cousins don’t generally get to stay that in touch], but my grandfather is her great-grandfather and she has such a great relationship with him.
It’s incredibly touching, & I’m a sap, so I love it.

We started with a lunch out on the town with the family! Photos above are of the entire Ruggles family in attendance, my family with Pap, & the cousins with Pap!

After the restaurant we all went back to Pap’s house to celebrate with a cook out. I was so overwhelmed with the opportunity to spend time with my extended family. They really are the greatest people. I love each of them so much… I can’t stand that we don’t see each other that much!

The next day we spent some time walking around the city (& riding on the INCLINE!!!) and then enjoying the last few hours with my grandfather before the drive home!

I really can’t ever fully express how much I appreciated the memories with my family & Mitchel [who is now as good as family]!! =) I love them all and can’t wait to see everyone again!!

2 responses to “Pittsburgh Trip

  1. Looking forward to the whole gang getting together again for Karyn’s wedding. I will be there!!


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