Outfit Post

I mowed my mom’s 3 acre yard yesterday!! And this was the silly outfit I wore. Since I didn’t really dress nicely [or get out of pajamas, really] this past week, this is me keeping it real!!

I am also participating this week in The Nearsighted Owl’s I’m Proud of My Size Linkup! I am not a skinny mini. I have curves and breasts and hips and a badunkadunk. It’s the way God built me and there’s no denying it. I have stretch marks from puberty happening at such a fast pace & I’m okay with that… Not just okay. I’m happy with my curvacious female form!

And that, my friends, is all she wrote!

5 responses to “Outfit Post

  1. you’re adorable.

    and i would kill to be a size 7.

  2. You look great and pink is a good color for you! I would love to be a size 7 again….I’m a size 12…I haven’t linked up since I went down a size…I could add that to my next outfit post 🙂


  3. Karen @ The Quiet Owl

    Your tattoo is amazing! I’m a little jealous of it! =)

  4. That last pic is way super cute and I love your glasses!

  5. eep! that last photo … it’s epic!! move over Rosie the Riveter!
    I mowed my lawn, the size of a postage stamp, the other day. I felt pretty good about myself afterwards. Suddenly, I feel inadequate. ;P
    Also, your owl tattoo makes my arm long for something equally awesome.

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